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Verdo Wood Pellets

- - Verdo Wood Pellets

Highly absorbent, eco-friendly and great value.

The benefits of using Verdo Horse Bedding.

Exceptional Value

Once set up, mucking out is considerably easier; you will remove much less bedding, meaning that you won’t need to top the bed up as much. One bag of Verdo horse bedding per week should be all you need to maintain your bed, meaning less cost, smaller muck heap and more time for the fun stuff.

High Absorbency

Verdo horse bedding is exceptionally absorbent, so when the bed is wet it will remain in a localised patch meaning that removal can be as simple as lifting it away with a shovel. It won’t run as you may have experienced with traditional bedding options meaning that the affected area will be compact and manageable, saving you time and money. The natural resins and oils that remain in the wood help to combat ammonia, so you will even have a pleasant pine scent to greet you rather than the smells we are all used to.

Hygienic and Eco-Friendly

Due to the heat treatment involved in the manufacture of pellets, Verdo horse bedding is hygienically clean, dust free, and additive and allergen free. We only use locally sourced virgin timber so can guarantee a uniform, all-natural product that your horse will love.

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