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Adult Small Breed (Snippets)

Chudleys - Adult Small Breed (Snippets)

For small and toy breeds.

A recipe and shape (small bite sized pieces) tailor made for the needs of small and toy breeds.

Small and toy breeds of dog need more energy from their food than larger breeds, therefore Snippets has been formulated to meet this increased requirement by using oils and fats which are an excellent source of food energy.

The small bite sized nugget has been designed especially for small mouths and is basted with fat and tasty juices to create a mouth-watering meal for your small dog.

Size Qty Price Bulk Price
10 Kg
£15.05 RRP £17.25 SAVE 13% * £14.75
*Applies when No. of items in order is 40 or more
Vitamin A:12000iu/Kg
Vitamin D:1200Iu/Kg
Vitamin E:225mg/kg