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Nedz Advance

- - Nedz Advance

Capable of absorbing five times its weight in liquid. Ideal for use with rubber matting, or on its own.
Straw is chopped and ground to produce very short, highly absorbent fibres which are sterilized using steam and treated to control moulds and spores, before being pressed in to a pellet and packaged.
  • Virtually dust free.
  • Sterilized to make it very unpalatable.
  • Nedz Advance increases in volume as your horse is stabled on it, and creates a comfortable, sturdy base for your horse to stand and lie on.
  • Wet patches are kept to a minimum and ammonia levels virtually non-existent.
  • The straw pellets will rot down within one month - which leads to less waste – on average a 60% to 70% reduction will be seen over conventional bedding.
  • Waste removal costs are kept to a minimum and muck heaps will be smaller in size.
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15 Kg
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