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What is Echinacea and why would you feed it

 Echinacea is a herb that belongs to the daisy family.  It is available in both dried herb and liquid form.... read more
Pasture Cubes

Dodson and Horrell - Pasture Cubes

The ideal leisure cube

Good quality cubed ration ideal for maintaining condition and health for horses and ponies in light to medium work. Contains a combination of high quality natural ingredients carefully selected to avoid excitability. Fully supplemented Pasture Cubes are cost effective and ideal for owners feeding horses and ponies outside.

Pasture Cubes also have added mint and garlic. They are renowned for their nutritional properties such as aiding digestion and promoting a healthy respiratory system, as well as tasting great.

  • Promotes condition and maintains calmness.
  • Cost effective.
Size Qty Price Bulk Price
20 Kg
£9.39 RRP £9.85 SAVE 5% * £9.20
*Applies when No. of items in order is 40 or more
Estimated DE:10Mj/kg
Vitamin A:10000iu/kg
Vitamin D:1500iu/kg
Vitamin E:150mg/kg