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Oat Balancer Mix

Baileys - Oat Balancer Mix

A high energy mix designed to be fed alongside oats.

The ideal choice for those who prefer oats as the staple source of soluble carbohydrate energy, Oat Balancer Mix is particularly versatile as it allows for the quantity of oats to be altered according to workload, whilst still ensuring that other nutritional requirements are met when fed in conjunction with good quality forage.

Oat Balancer Mix contains a blend of micronised cereals plus oils from soya and linseed which increase the energy density of the mix in a slow release form to help promote stamina. A full spectrum of vitamins and minerals, including chelated (Bioplex®) minerals and important anti-oxidants, support the highest levels of performance and help ensure that no further supplementation is required.

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20 Kg
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Estimated DE:14MJ/Kg