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Slim and Healthy

Allen & Page - Slim and Healthy

For those watching their weight

•For horses that tend to be overweight, and good doers.
•Everything your horse needs, but without the calories.

This low-calorie mix is low in starch and high in fibre, and is suitable for horses at rest or in light work which don’t need much feed to keep weight on. It provides all the nutrients needed for optimum health and fantastic coat condition including Omega 3 and 6 oils. Boosted vitamin and mineral levels, Protexin and yeast all work to help keep your horse healthy, without putting on excess weight.
Size Qty Price Bulk Price
20 Kg
£10.93 * £10.71
*Applies when No. of items in order is 40 or more
Estimated DE:8 Mj/Kg
Vitamin A:13000iu/kg
Vitamin D:2250iu/kg
Vitamin E:150iu/kg