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Stud & Youngstock Mix

Allen & Page - Stud & Youngstock Mix

Keeping The Family Fit

Formulated to meet the higher nutritional demands of broodmares during pregnancy and lactation. Can also be used to feed working stallions and growing foals and youngstock.
Stud & Youngstock Mix, which has elevated levels of micronutrients is usually fed in the last three months of gestation and during lactation. It is also suitable for working stallions, foals, yearlings and two-year olds, including natives and warmbloods. Protexin is included which may help maintain healthy digestive and immune function, particularly at times of stress such as when travelling, foaling or during weaning.
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20 Kg
£14.36 RRP £15.20 SAVE 6% * £14.07
*Applies when No. of items in order is 40 or more
Estimated DE:12.5Mj/Kg
Vitamin A:15000Iu/Kg
Vitamin D:2200Iu/Kg
Vitamin E:240Iu/Kg