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Micronized food products

Micronized food products

A wide range of high quality micronized flaked products.

Micronized Food Products is a privately owned family business which was established over 25 years ago to develop the new innovative process of micronizing cereals and pulses for the animal feed.

The company manufactures a wide range of micronized food products at two sites, Driby Top near Alford in Lincolnshire and Northallerton in North Yorkshire.

Micronized Food Products are equestrian feeds suppliers, supplying a wide range of high quality micronized flaked products which are supplied as straights or custom mixes to the wholesale and merchant sector.

The equine sector uses significant volumes of cooked flaked cereals and pulses for use in muesli coarse feeds as well as supplying to customers as straights. The micronized flaked range includes oats, barley, maize, wheat, peas, and soya. These cooked natural flakes have great visual appeal and the cooking process increases the palatability and digestibility as well as enhancing the nutritional value of the feed offering excellent cost effectiveness.

Micronized food products

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Micronized food products Products