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Safemix Equestrian is a blend of specially selected woodshavings and shredded soft woodfibre selected from clean, untreated wood residues from traceable sources, to produce dust-extracted bedding of the highest quality.

With an affordable price tag, Safemix is the ideal bedding solution for both professional and recreational riders who need to combine consistent quality with cost-effectiveness.

The Benefits:

Soft, Safe & Absorbent for Comfort & Cleanliness Soft to the touch and highly absorbent with excellent drainage qualities. The woodfibre is shredded to open the grain of the wood for comfort and absorption, while the quality woodshavings add a touch of extra softness and allow the top surface to stay drier with reduced odours. The structure, while being soft, is firm enough to prevent the bed from shifting easily under hoof for a safer footing.

Dust-Extracted & Ultra Clean for Better Breathing Screened through not one, but two, highly effective dust separating processes using pioneering manufacturing techniques. Safemix is probably more dust-free than any other bedding. A sanitization process uses a completely natural, but powerful, sterilizing vapour that kills fungal spores, moulds and bacteria.

Economical & Labour-Saving for Reduced Costs The firmer fibres retain their fibrous structure for longer reducing the need to use as many bales. This also allows for droppings and wet patches to be easily removed, saving time and bedding.

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