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Friendship Estates grows and produces a wide range of quality forages and fibres feeds for horses.

The company was established in 1935 by Frederick Cooke, the great-grandfather of the present managing director, Andrew Cooke. Andrew’s father John moved the business to Stubbs Walden in 1955 when he began farming. He was responsible for growing the business, and from 1972 was an early advocate of farm diversification. The aim was to add value to all products from the farm.

The long association with Mark Westaway & Son, from Paignton in Devon, began in 1982 when Friendship Estates began making the dust-free bagged forage Horsehage under licence and distributing it for sale in the north of England. Andrew Cooke joined the business in 1983 following a BSc degree in Agricultural Biochemistry, Physiology and Nutrition. Manufacture of Mollichaff began in 1984 and we now manufacture and sell the Horsehage and Mollichaff ranges throughout Northern England, Scotland and Wales.

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