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Pro Performance Balancer

Spillers - Pro Performance Balancer

Delivers additional essential vitamins and minerals necessary to support the equine athlete

• Suitable for all competition and race horses to be fed alongside compound feed or forage only diets.
• Contains excellent protein sources rich in essential amino acids to support muscle tone, repair and topline.
• Formulated with live probiotic yeast and MOS (manna oligosaccharide) to support digestive health.
• Includes an enhanced comprehensive range of vitamins and minerals to balance the diet and provide optimum nutrition.
• Glucosamine is included to support joint health.
• Contains magnesium known for its calming properties.
• A blend of nutrients to support hoof health including biotin, methionine, calcium, organic zinc and copper have been included.
• Added soya oil for a healthy coat and skin.
• Contains vitamin C to support respiratory health.
• High in important antioxidants such as vitamin E, vitamin C and organic selenium for immune support.
• Contains generous levels of B vitamins to support energy release.
• Includes a comprehensive range of B vitamins and organic copper and iron to support optimum blood building.
• Optimum levels of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and organic copper and zinc to support bone strength.
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£34.87 RRP: £38.75 £34.17
*Applies when No. of items in order is 40 or more
Estimated DE:10.7Mj/kg
Vitamin E:2000iu/kg