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Show Improver Cubes

Saracen - Show Improver Cubes

Promoting weight gain and conditioning thin horses.

Saracen Show Improver Pencils are a unique conditioning feed suitable for all types of horses and ponies. Firstly it is produced to a barley free recipe to help manage those horses that may have an intolerance to barley. In addition, the use of our special Super Fibre sources enable the diet to remain calorie dense, while at the same time achieving a lower starch content than found in traditional products of this type. This will help promote both effective and controllable weight gain, while reducing the likelihood of hitting the "fizzy" barrier at higher feeding levels.

Equi-Jewel has been carefully blended into this recipe. Equi-Jewel is totally unique to Saracen, and is a high fat stabilised rice bran. The use of Equi-Jewel increases the calorific content of the ration and provides a useful source of essential fatty acids. Fatty acids help to promote healthy skin condition and coat shine. The careful balance of these ingredients produce a unique non-heating formulation that will help to ensure all over body condition and optimal muscle tone.

Features & Benefits

  • Barley-free formulation, which will help manage those horses that may have an intolerance to barley.
  • Super Fibre inclusion for promoting a healthy digestive system and providing calories without fizz for optimum body condition.
  • Quality protein sources to aid cell renewal, tissue and muscle repair as well as helping to optimize muscle development and tone (in conjunction with an appropriate fitness program).
  • Unique inclusion of Equi-Jewel to aid the calorific density of the ration and promote stunning coat condition and bloom.
  • Fully fortified with minerals, vitamins and trace elements.
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£14.28 RRP: £15.1 £13.99
*Applies when No. of items in order is 40 or more
Estimated DE:12.3mj/kg
Vitamin A:10000iu/kg
Vitamin D:1000iu/kg
Vitamin E:120iu/kg