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Golden Oldies

Keyflow - Golden Oldies

A comprehensive balancer mash for horses and ponies aged 15 years and over

Keyflow Golden Oldies is a scientifically advanced, comprehensive balancer mash for horses and ponies aged 15 years and over. Created using the highest quality, concentrated ingredients, Golden Oldies® promotes exceptional health, vitality and condition by caring for all facets of the ageing equines unique nutritional requirements.

Golden Oldies® contains sophisticated, scientifically profiled amino acids to combat muscle wastage whilst providing support for joint mobility, muscle suppleness and gut health – as well as promoting optimal function of the immune, circulatory and respiratory systems. Golden Oldies® includes unique ingredients scientifically proven to help manage symptoms of arthritis.

This delicious, quick soak mash is ideal for horses with poor dentition and forms a premium, comprehensive nutrient base for any veteran horse or pony.

Golden Oldies® can be fed all year round. For best results combine with a high quality fibre source such as Keyflow Pink Mash® or a quality chopped fibre. If extra condition or energy is needed add Keyflow Key-Plus.

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