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Show Improver Mix

Saracen - Show Improver Mix

Promoting extra condition and weight gain.

Saracen Show Improver Mix is the ultimate in conditioning feeds, whether for that extra condition in the sales or show ring, or to put condition on thin horses and 'poor doers'. It is a highly nutritious, energy-dense blend of high class ingredients containing a high level of calories from complex carbohydrates and pure vegetable oil, as well as energy from highly digestible fibre and Super Fibres, in a balance that makes it easy for the horse to put on condition safely without over exuberance.

To help ensure that the digestive system is not over burdened with starch, whilst making weight gain easy, Super Fibres and Equi-Jewel are included in this recipe. Super Fibres contain a similar level of accessible calories to that of cereals which are delivered in a slow release fashion, thus helping avoid the fizz associated with high grain diets. Equi- Jewel is totally unique to Saracen in the UK, and is a low in starch, high-fat stabilised rice bran. This increases the energy density of the ration, making it even more calorie dense. In addition, Saracen Extruded Barley Hoops are included. Extrusion produces a more digestible product with a higher digestible nutrient value than straight or micronised cereals. The mix also contains protein sources of premium quality, which are essential for the conditioning process and muscle development. As with all Saracen diets, this feed has liberal quantities of Saracen Super Shine Plus (Soya Oil) added, for promoting excellent coat condition and gloss, whether it be for at home, the show or the sales ring.

Features & Benefits

  • The ultimate high calorie conditioning diet for easy & controlled weight gain.
  • Stunning coat condition and bloom as a result of high oil levels and now enhanced with Equi-Jewel.
  • No oats.
  • Controlled slow release energy delivered from highly digestible fibres, complemented by super fibres for healthy and efficient gut function, providing calories without fizz.
  • Alfalfa based with micronised Soya beans and peas providing quality protein for muscle development.
  • Probably the lowest starch and most effective figure enhancement diet available.
  • Fully fortified with minerals, vitamins and trace elements.
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    £15.38 RRP: £16.17 £15.07
    *Applies when No. of items in order is 40 or more
    Estimated DE:12.8Mj/kg
    Vitamin A:10000iu/kg
    Vitamin D:1000iu/kg
    Vitamin E:120iu/kg