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Stud Prep 14

Saracen - Stud Prep 14

Provides a high calorie intake for broodmares or poor doers


  • Sales preparation
  • Showing, or adding weight and condition to any horse
  • Providing energy for mares during lactation
  • Providing palatable calories for horses with poor appetites

    • Provides calories in a dense and palatable form
    • High oil formula, with added ‘super fibres’ in the form of sugar beet pulp for "controlled" weight gain
    • Ideal for putting on even body condition and topline
  • Stud Prep 14 is a multipurpose sweetfeed containing added oil and beet pulp, specially formulated for putting condition onto horses. This feed is ideal for horses bound for the sales ring. It will help them put on body condition evenly, and keep them manageable and level-headed in their work. The high levels of oils and ‘super-fibres’ provide extremely palatable calories, reducing the reliance on starch in the ration. As a result, horses are easier to handle and quickly become sleek and well toned with excellent topline and muscle definition during their sales preparation.

    Specifically formulated to be a versatile conditioning feed, Stud Prep 14 produces a dense ‘boost’ in energy over conventional sweet feeds. Premium quality grains are blended with sugar beet pulp and soya oil. The feed is ideal for conditioning horses under stress, or for any horse with a poor appetite that is experiencing digestive difficulties.

    Broodmares can also benefit from this high oil formulation, particularly during lactation when energy demands are at their highest. Heavy milkers, and older mares that have problems holding their condition may find it easier to consume a more concentrated feed like Stud Prep 14 to prevent significant weight loss. Recent research has shown that regardless of birth month, mares that exhibited a negative energy balance post partum (losing weight or negative daily weight change) had foals that did not gain as much weight in their first five months as foals from mares that were in a positive energy balance.

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    £15.57 RRP: £16.62 £15.26
    *Applies when No. of items in order is 40 or more
    Estimated DE:13.7MJ/kg
    Vitamin A:16000IU/kg
    Vitamin D:2100IU/kg
    Vitamin E:230IU/kg