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Whole linseed

- - Whole linseed

Linseed is highly nutritious and rich in proteins and oils.

It is the small brown seed of the flax or linen plant. To benefit a horse or pony linseed must be cooked before it can be fed - either as a linseed jelly or tea.

When raw or uncooked linseed is poisonous to horses - it contains cyanide containing compounds linustatin, linamarin and neolinustatin as well as an enzyme which liberates the poison cyanide if the linseed is fed raw.

A daily quota of 6 oz - 1 lb (200 - 450 grams ) of linseed (pre-cooked weight) for each horse is advised.

  • To prepare linseed for cooking first soak overnight in cold water in an old saucepan. If you have several horses to feed you can use a boiler.
  • When the linseed has been soaked add more water, if necessary, before bringing to the boil and boiling for 15 minutes to remove the poisons.
  • After 15 minutes of boiling reduce the heat and simmer the linseed for 2-3 hours- until it forms a jelly. (Some people advise simmering for up to 6 hours).
  • Keep a careful watch on the jelly as it is cooking, do not allow to dry out and add more water if necessary.
  • Before feeding cooked linseed jelly to your horse or pony ensure that the linseed has cooled to blood temperature - otherwise it may scald you horse's mouth.
  • When the mixture has cooled it will turn into a rather messy looking jelly - but most horses and ponies really enjoy it when mixed into their feed.
  • Remember that linseed is poisonous if it is not boiled thoroughly and it must be used the same day that it is cooked. Linseed jelly will quickly turn rancid.
  • Any left over linseed jelly should be very carefully disposed of where it cannot be eaten by any other animals, such as dogs or cats, in the stableyard.
  • Linseed tea is cooked in the same way as linseed jelly - but with more water. The prepared linseed tea is used to feed the horse in a gruel or mash.
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