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What is Echinacea and why would you feed it

 Echinacea is a herb that belongs to the daisy family.  It is available in both dried herb and liquid form.... read more
Oestress Liquid

NAF - Oestress Liquid

A solution to make an angel of a moody mare.
Helps the mare to balance her oestrus cycle naturally by targeting the root causes of her discomfort which lead to her moods.

Feeding Instructions:
Horses Peak Times 100ml per day 1-2 scoops per day
Maintenance 25-50ml per day
Ponies Peak Times 75ml per day 2-3 scoops per day
Maintenance 25-50ml per day
Ideally fed split between feeds. If feeding once daily best given in the morning.
5 litres fed at 25ml per day will last approximately 200 days.

Maintenance levels should be adjusted to suit the individual mare, and are not necessarily strictly according to bodyweight.
Also suitable for geldings showing "riggy" behaviour.

Water, Magnesium chloride, Aromatic and appetising herbs, Products of tubers and roots, Products of fruits, Xanthan gum, Flavour (aniseed), Hydrolysed lecithins.
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