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Red Mills

Red Mills

We use the best natural ingredients for digestion, well being and top performance.

Red MIlls produce premium high-performance equine feeds and petfoods, with expertise in research and innovation that has been built up over five generations. They know what it takes to get results in terms of animal nutrition, health and performance. The top quality products are supported by some of the most technologically advanced plant and processes in the world.

Red Mills is a family-owned business and is also a leading name in Ireland's farming community, for an excellent range of animal feeds and services. Nestled in the scenic farm country in County Kilkenny, Ireland, it has been the home of the Connolly family business since 1908.

Michael Connolly emigrated to Long Island in New York in the 1840s, working as a "head lad" for a French horse trainer based there. In 1866 he inherited a bakery back home in Ireland and returned. In 1908 the company William Connolly & Sons Ltd was established in Goresbridge, County Kilkenny. There are four mills in very close proximity, all harnessing the natural power from the river Barrow and its tributaries, all four producing similar products for the local farming community. To stand out from the crowd, Michael's son William painted the roof of his mill red - hence the name Red Mills. William's son Liam Connolly took over the company in 1954. He built the business over the next 46 years through innovation, new product technology, sales and marketing.

The company expanded by installing processing plants for human foods and started to grind grain from local farmers for resale. Then in 1963 with a wealth of experience in steam cooking, pressure cooking and extrusion,the company began processing cereals for animal feeds. Liam Connolly made a formula for a friend who's horse had eating problems. This encompassed all the nutritional requirements of the horse. He cooked it to make it more appetising and digestible. The results are astounding. The horse, Vulpine, won the Irish Grand National and Powers Whiskey Gold Cup. The news spread and Connolly's RED MILLS was on its way to becoming a leading global player in equine feed and horse nutrition. After a major fire in 1992 the factory was rebuilt bringing opportunities for further modernisation and expansion of ranges of equine feed, greyhound food and petfood. In 1999 a new state-of-the-art petfood manufacturing facility opened, five kilometres from the original Red Mills site in County Kilkenny.

The company continued to innovate, and invested in NFMS (Nutrient Fresh Management System) manufacturing equipment in 2008. The pioneering technology is a world first for RED MILLS and uses seven tiers of natural preservation to maintain perfect freshness for up to twelve months. This new technology allows us to be able to offer the benefits and efficiencies of complete diets to new markets that hither to could not get such a choice of affordable, good quality feed. It also means that customers can order larger quantities and reduce transport costs.

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