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Clean highly absorbent corrugated cardboard chopped into little square

An Eco-friendly, Dust free, Biodegradable bedding. It is the modern dust-free alternative to the traditional horse bedding materials such as straw, hemp and wood shavings. The great insulating properties of corrugated cardboard Premierbed Card is the perfect alternative to wood shavings and other horse bedding as it helps to keep your animals warm in the winter.

It's a simple, cost effective and highly efficient and is designed to meet the strict criteria already used extensively by racing yards, show jumping yards and event yards.

Due to bale size this is only available for Click & Collect, or pallet deliveries (6 items or more / orders over 100kg)

Size Qty Price Bulk Price
£11.63 £11.40
*Applies when No. of items in order is 40 or more