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Lite Balancer

TopSpec - Lite Balancer

Weight Control Feed Balancer

TopSpec Lite Balancer is designed for horses and ponies that need their weight controlled; they are usually good-doers and may be overweight. These are the horses and ponies for whom every single calorie counts, and we do not believe you will find a lower calorie feed balancer anywhere.

Lite is a ‘Non-Heating,’ cereal-grain-free, formula; with low levels of starch and sugar, and a considered level of protein to help maintain muscle function but avoid promoting topline.

It is very important that this group of horses and ponies receive their full requirement of vitamins and minerals. TopSpec Lite allows them to receive all the micronutrients required to balance the diet of horses in light work in a small amount of exceptionally low-calorie feed.

TopSpec Lite will help maintain excellent health whilst improving hoof quality and promoting a supple skin and an exceptionally shiny coat. It is so palatable that it can be fed on its own, or with a optional handful of TopChop Lite.

Long-term trials have shown that horses and ponies on restricted/poor grazing do not gain any additional weight when fed TopSpec Lite. It can also be used very successfully as part of a calorie-controlled diet when weight loss is required.

TopSpec Lite is suitable for horses and ponies prone to, and recovering from, laminitis. It may also be safely fed to horses and ponies being treated for laminitis; however our nutritionists recommend TopSpec AntiLam is fed in these circumstances to provide extra nutritional support.
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