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Alfa-A Oil

Dengie - Alfa-A Oil

Alfa-A Oil - a conditioning fibre feed

ALFA-A OIL is the conditioning fibre feed for horses and ponies. The addition of oil makes this product excellent for adding condition on horses and ponies needing a bit more weight, but without the fizziness often associated with cereal based products.

As ALFA-A OIL provides approximately 12.5MJ/kg of slow-release energy, it is also ideal for horses undertaking harder work - on a kg for kg basis it provides as much energy as a conditioning or competition mix/nut.

ALFA-A OIL is made from pure alfalfa which has been chopped and dried at a very high temperature to lock in the natural goodness, with a dressing of oil for additional slow release energy. Alfalfa is an excellent natural source of antioxidants. Alfa-A Oil has been boosted with vitamin E (a natural antioxidant) to meet the increased requirements of horses fed an oil supplemented diet.

How To Get The Most Out Of Feeding With Dengie Alfa-A Oil

Alfa-A Oil can be fed on its own or it can be combined with cubes or a mix, like Dengie Fibremix, for those horses undertaking extended work. If you are feeding Alfa-A Oil as the sole feed, use a broad-spectrum vitamin and mineral supplement, such as one of the Dengie Natural Vitality Vits & Mins or alternatively a feed balancer such as Dengie Alfa-A or Hi-Fi Balancer.

Respiratory Care

The alfalfa in Alfa-A Oil is dried at a very high temperature which effectively sterilises the product, killing moulds. Efficient extraction processes ensure Alfa-A Oil has a low dust content making it ideal for horses and ponies prone to respiratory allergies.

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£19.47 RRP: £19.95 £19.08
*Applies when No. of items in order is 40 or more
Estimated DE:12.5MJ/kg
Vitamin E:200iu/kg