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Top Chop Alfalfa

TopSpec - Top Chop Alfalfa

Great Chaff from TopSpec
•Contains no molases or any other sugar coating,
•Very low in sugar and starch,
•Alfalfa contains a natural source of anti-oxidants,
•Dust extracted,
•Contains no preserves or artificial additives or colourings,
•Non-GM formula.

The New Top Spec TopChop Alfalfa is a pure, natural product made form alfalfa, with a light dressing of Soya Oil and Real Mint. It is ideal for working horses, broodmares and youngstock. Top Spec TopChop is similar in nutritional values to good quality haylage but contains less sugar. It is ideal for all horses and ponies needing to gain weight and for all breeding stock because of its good quality protien, low starch levels and high levels of bio-available calcium.
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