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Alfalfa Pellets

Dengie - Alfalfa Pellets

Made from 100% alfalfa which is cut at its most nutritious stage of growth and high temperature dried,

Alfalfa Pellets are a natural highly nutritious feed in a pelleted form. They supply 'slow releasing' energy in the form of highly digestible fibre, and provide good quality protein as well as a host of natural vitamins and minerals.

Alfalfa is naturally low in sugar (water soluble carbohydrates) and Dengie Alfalfa Pellets, unlike many other cubes or mixes, are also unmolassed. In fact, they contain nothing but alfalfa which makes them ideal for horses and ponies that require a low sugar diet. They are ideal for feeding outdoors and are particularly beneficial for breeding stock as they supply highly bio-available calcium and good quality protein.

Dengie Alfalfa Pellets allow poor quality forage to be upgraded, whilst providing a good quality and nutritious feed for horses and ponies at a competitive price.
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