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Cool Conditioning Cube

TopSpec - Cool Conditioning Cube

TopSpec CoolCondition Cubes are our top-selling blend. They combine the brilliant properties of being seriously cool and seriously conditioning, this is a very rare combination

They are formulated without the use of any cereal-grains at all, so they are not just ‘oat-free’ or ‘barley-free’ but completely cereal-grain free. At the same time they have a good conditioning index of 12.5MJ/kg, equivalent to most cereal-containing conditioning compound feeds.

The formula is very low in starch and sugar and high in fibre. The calories in TopSpec CoolCondition Cubes work equally well as a source of non-heating energy for maintenance, for performance or for gaining condition. These calories are balanced for protein with high-oil soya and linseed, and with available sources of calcium, magnesium and salt added.

When to use TopSpec CoolCondition Cubes:-

  • TopSpec Feed Balancers provide the perfect start to feeding a cereal-grain- free, low sugar/starch diet. TopChop Alfalfa and/or unmolassed sugar beet shreds often provide a limited amount of suitable additional calories but when more are required or simple cubes are preferred TopSpec CoolCondition Cubes now provide the answer.
  • Ideal when extra condition is required and a ‘non-heating’ formula is essential.
  • Ideal when calm performance is required.
  • Perfect for any horses or ponies requiring a low-starch/high-fibre diet for other reasons. Please contact our nutritionists for feeding advice concerning specific nutritionally-related health problems for example advice about feeding a horse recovering from ‘tying-up’.
  • The highly digestible fibre in these cubes helps to promote the beneficial bacteria in the hindgut therefore helping to maintain a healthy digestive system. TopSpec CoolCondition Cubes can be mixed with any other horse feeds including a TopChop, various forms of sugar beet pulp, and compound cubes/mixes.
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