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GWF Nutrition - Fibregest

The perfect non soak conditioning feed for sustaining all horses and ponies in maintenance or light work.

Fibregest is a “super soluble fibre feed”, derived from a blend of micronized (sugar) beet pulp, hemp seed and lean black oats; fortified with seaweed meal, chelated minerals and Oatinol.

Key Benefits:

  • Manufactured as a very palatable 3mm pellet.
  • Maintains the slow rate of passage of feed through the foregut.
  • Aids the digestion of oils, starch, proteins, calcium and phosphorus as well as vitamins: A, D, E and K.
  • Provides the perfect substrate of ground digestible fibres for maintaining high levels of hindgut microbial fermentative digestion.
  • Supplies the end products of microbial digestion that provide conditioning and energy reserves for light work.
  • Particularly good for older horses and ponies with poor teeth.
  • Contains the Oatinol Delivery System to maintain a healthy digestive tract and a high rate of absorption of essential nutricines, vitamins and trace elements.
  • Recommended as part of the GWF Nutrition Equine Feeding Guide.
  • Fibregest pellets provide a palatable source of digestible “super fibres” (soluble fibres) that gel with water in the gut to create a texture which maintains a slow transit time of the feed and a slow release of energy into the blood. In the small intestine, a steadier release of energy stops hyper-activity. The normal passage of feed from the mouth to hindgut takes 2 hours.

    In the hindgut, the normal passage of feed from the caecum to anus takes 2/3 days. Digestion in the hindgut is a slow, fermentative process carried out by friendly bacteria. As feed is present in the hindgut for several days, it is vitally important to maintain a healthy environment to prevent digestive upsets. Fibregest acts as the perfect food source for these beneficial bacteria, encouraging their natural activity and growth.

    In combination with a high quality feed balancer, such as Equilibra 500 + Omega 3, the support from Fibregest will provide a sustained high level of fibre digestion for the benefit of your horse or pony.

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