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Compact (Hay Block)

Agrobs - Compact (Hay Block)

A convenient block of compressed wild herbs and grasses

Horses spend 14 - 16 hours per day ingesting fodder high in raw fiber. Deviations from this feeding behaviour frequently lead to digestive problems and behavioral disorders.

For reasons of time and because many horses are kept in stalls nowadays, not enough attention is given to this feeding behavior. Horses are unable to satisfy their need to chew and boredom is inevitable. It is therefore important to keep horses occupied, especially when they are kept in stalls in an environment that provides little stimulation.

Agrobs PRE ALPIN COMPACT is a convenient block of compressed wild herbs and grasses that have been dried using warm air. It is an ideal and above all healthy occupational feed for use outside of the main feeding times. Like all PRE ALPIN products, it is free of mildew and dust. The gentle drying process uses warm air and preserves most of the nutrients and vital substances. Owing to its rough structure, it is also an ideal basic feed.

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£19.11 RRP: £19.66 £18.73
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Estimated DE:7.70MJ/kg