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Competition Fit Mix

Saracen - Competition Fit Mix

For performance and sport horses needing more energy
  • Competition horses & Ponies requiring instant energy for speed and power based disciplines
  • Competition horses & ponies with a limited appetite
  • Competition horses & ponies requiring maximal power productivity for work
  • Competition horses & ponies needing a little more ‘oomph’
  • Good-Doers requiring additional energy as part of a ‘two part’ feeding regime
    • FEATURES & BENEFITS of Saracen Competition Fit Mix
    • Instant energy cereal based mix
    • Supports natural recovery patterns with the replacement of glycogen post exercise
    • Utilises a variety of energy pathways to optimise power generation
    • ‘Super-Fibre’ inclusion to support controlled performance
    • A unique ‘Apple Flavouring’ to maintain palatability
    • Precise inclusion of recommended Live Yeast to support gut flora health
    • High quality protein to optimise peak muscle health and encourage maintenance of topline and muscle definition
    • Fully fortified with chelated minerals from Kentucky Equine Research
    • Fixed formulation providing consistent nutritional quality
    • Electrolyte inclusion to delay the onset of fatigue, however additional salt and electrolyte supplementation is recommended for horses that are working hard or for long durations
  • Size Qty Price Bulk Price
    £14.95 RRP: £15.95 £14.65
    *Applies when No. of items in order is 40 or more
    Estimated DE:13MJ/kg
    Vitamin A:21000IU/kg
    Vitamin D:3450IU/kg
    Vitamin E:285IU/kg