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Haferwiese Strukturmusli

Agrobs - Haferwiese Strukturmusli

Muesli, rich structure, with black and white oats.

Areas of use

  • A single crib feed.
  • As a build up feed for sport horses and young horses.
  • For enhancement of the conventional crib feed, rich in vital substances.
  • Extends feeding time due to the structure-rich recipe.
  • Whats in it and Why

    • Agrobs Pre Alpin dried green fibres promote chewing activity and saliva production which enhances digestion.
    • Alfalfa provies essential amino acids for muscle build-up.
    • Corn flowers petals and sunflower petals provide vital substances.
    • Black oat is rich in secnidary plant products with an antioxidant effect.
    • Carrot and root vegtables make it tasty and provide fibre for healthy digestion.
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    Estimated DE:10.05MJ/kg