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Saracen - Re-Leve

Horses that are prone to tying up or of nervous disposition.

Re-leve is a high-performance mix, specially designed to replace all cereal and hard feed for horses that are prone to tying up. It provides the equine athlete with the high levels of energy that it requires for performance using a variety of alternative energy sources. Highly fermentable fibres and high oil levels reduce the reliance on starch in the diet, and allow those horses which are susceptible to this problem to remain in training.

Re-leve contains high levels of antioxidants, such as vitamin E and selenium, to assist normal muscle function. It is recommended that 1 - 2 lbs of Equi-Jewel rice bran supplement is fed daily alongside Re-leve to boost energy levels - this palatable supplement is naturally high in oil and fibre, but low in starch, so it is a compatible product.

Size Qty Price Bulk Price
£16.61 RRP: £17.53 £16.28
*Applies when No. of items in order is 40 or more
Estimated DE:12.9mj/kg
Vitamin A:11000iu/kg
Vitamin D:1100iu/kg
Vitamin E:340iu/Kg