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Flaked Peas

- - Flaked Peas

High quality Large Steam Flaked Peas.

Micronization and steam, optimises starch gelatinisation, disrupts cell walls and can optimize protein solubility.

Gelatinised starch has higher rumen by-pass and ileal digestibility than raw starch; disrupted cell walls allow improved nutrient access to intestinal enzymes, also affects water holding capacity and increases gut transit time; improves by-pass protein without affecting ileal digestibility.

Peas are a source of protein rich sulphur amino acids. Micronized Peas can improve production parameters and improve feed conversion due to greater availability of nutrients and a higher energy than other forms. They can also improve feathering in poultry.

Suitable for all classes of animal. Large Steam Flaked Peas are of particular use in Rabbit food and companion animal diets.

Suitable for all ages. Levels can be increased for the older animal.

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