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For calming and soothing badly behaved horses.

Dodson & Horrell Placid is a calming blend of Chamomile, Lemon Balm, Vervain, Magnesium and Lime Flowers which have been thoughtfully put together for horses with behavioural issues. Both Chamomile and Magnesium are revered for their calming properties and support of the nervous system making them an important part of the Placid recipe. Undesirable behaviour from horses can stem from a number of factors such as environment and seasonal changes, whilst trying to eliminate external factors, also try adding Placid to his diet to calm him on the inside. Placid is available as a dried blend and as a liquid.

  • A calming blend of herbs.
  • Ideal for horses with behavioural issues.
  • Available as a dried or liquid blend.
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