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Mare's Milk Replacer

Baileys - Mare's Milk Replacer

Optimum nutrition, birth to 3 months.

Baileys Mare’s Milk Replacer is a complete milk substitute formulated for the orphan or rejected foal or for those foals who are, for whatever reason, not receiving sufficient milk from their dams. It contains the highest quality milk proteins, vitamins and minerals necessary for optimum growth. Being formulated to be mixed with cool tap water, Mare’s Milk Replacer is best fed from a bucket with the foal allowed access 24 hours a day. This allows the foal to drink as often as if the mare was present so that there is a natural, even flow of milk through the digestive system.

When made up, Mare's Milk Replacer has a tart taste which discourages the foal from drinking too much milk at any one time. It is also slightly acidic (pH5.3 + .01) to help maintain the normal pH level in the foal’s digestive system and to aid in the preservation of the milk after mixing with water. All these factors result in the foal being fed as naturally as possible with fewer digestive upsets, improved milk digestibility and progressive growth, with the added advantage of not having to hand feed the foal every few hours.

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Vitamin A:20000IU/kg
Vitamin D:2000IU/kg