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Winergy - Ventilate

Proven to support lung health
"Winergy Ventilate is a unique pelleted supplement, scientifically proven to support your horse’s own natural lung defenses. Its exclusive formulation provides powerful nutrient support through a specific combination of antioxidants including vitamin C, vitamin E and Selenium.

As the UK’s leading respiratory supplement, Winergy Ventilate is a safe support system proven to reinforce lung health.

A healthy respiratory system is vital for the overall health and well being of your horse; even minor respiratory challenges can affect your horses comfort and performance. In typical stable conditions, your horse inhales approximately 12 million particles including dust, mould, allergens and irritants in each breath.

When you consider the average horse breathes over 70,000 litres of air per day, even more during exercise it seems obvious that their ability to breathe should not be compromised. Every stabled horse is at risk of lung irritation. Whether you have a leisure horse, competition horse or racehorse - anything that affects the way their lungs work can affect the way they behave or perform. "
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