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Rowen Barbary

Rowen Barbary

Through research and development Rowen Barbary is constantly growing, with the Soft ā€˜nā€™ Soak Range being the latest development. Specifically formulated to fulfil the needs of horses with eating problems or digestive upsets it has also proved particularly valuable to meet the needs of the ever increasing elderly horse population.

By keeping up to date with the latest in scientific technology we are able to keep our feeds and supplements at the forefront of nutritional design and implementation. Our experience across an ever widening range of species and our in depth involvement in new product development gives us as unrivalled insight into all aspects of animal nutrition.

We put this knowledge of nutritional requirements and ingredient selection to good use when developing and maintaining our high standards for Rowen Barbary Horse Feeds.

Rowen Barbary Horse Feeds carefully select and source only the highest quality ingredients, to ensure that every bag of feed meets with our high standards.

All manufacturing is done in a Universal Feed Assurance Scheme (UFAS) audited mill, which means that we conform to a strict code of feed safety to EU and UK legislation governing animal feedstuff manufacture. We are also an approved manufacture under the Veterinary Medicines Regulations and UK Feed Hygiene Regulations.

This is why we are happy to guarantee that all Rowen Barbary Horse Feeds and Supplements are free of prohibited substances, caffeine and theobromine and are therefore suitable for horses under competition rules.

The Rowen Barbary nutritional helpline can be reached on 01948 880 598

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