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Ready Fibre Mash (Green)

Rowen Barbary - Ready Fibre Mash (Green)

High in fibre, low starch and sugar. Can be used as a hay replacer.

Made up of 100% high digestible fibre Soft n Soak ReadyFibre Mash is a versatile, highly palatable product. With a very low level of starch and sugars and no cereals it is suitable for horses that suffer from laminitis, for good doers and those that need a low energy diet. Being barley free and containing just 4 ingredients it can also be a useful feed for horses that suffer from intolerances.

As Soft n Soak ReadyFibre Mash is very high in fibre it helps to encourage slow rates of digestion throughout the hind gut and is particularly valuable for horses requiring a diet that is sympathetic on the digestive system, also helping to avoid the possible onset of colic and gastric ulcers in competition horses on a high cereal ration.

It is also ideal to use as a hay replacer, for horses that are stabled for long periods of time or those that have difficulty eating long stem fibres.

Taking just 5 minutes to soak, to expand into a very soft textured palatable mash this is also an ideal way to help increase a horses water intake as well as being extremely palatable for shy feeders.

Soft n Soak ReadyFibre Mash is guaranteed to be free of prohibited substances Caffeine and Theobromine and therefore is suitable for horses and ponies competing under competition rules.

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