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Pure Veteran Pellets

Pure Feed - Pure Veteran Pellets

Help to keep th older horse healthy

The perfect solution for the older horse with dental issues; by soaking these pellets you can provide the same fantastic benefits as our fibre based Veteran feed, but in one easily chewed step. Soak with water before feeding to form a mash.

  • Perfect for older horses and ponies
  • Low in sugar and starch so suitable to feed to a horse with cushings or laminitis
  • Higher oil content to help maintain weight and promote condition
  • High quality amino acids to help prevent muscle wastage and maintain topline Palatable
  • Contains our balancer tailored specifically for the older horse and their requirements
  • Contains a pre and probiotic to help maintain digestive health
  • Non- heating -Contains no added sugar, no molasses and no wholegrain cereals to help avoid any diet related excitability
  • Soak to form a mash making it easier for the older horse or those with poor dentition to chew
  • Soak 2 parts water to 1 part feed until a soft mash is formed. Using hot water will speed up the process. Feed should be served cold. Allow up to one hour soaking time.

    Size Qty Price Bulk Price
    £14.00 RRP: £14.95 £13.72
    *Applies when No. of items in order is 40 or more
    Estimated DE:11MJ/kg
    Vitamin A:12000iu/kg
    Vitamin D:2400iu/kg