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The Pure Feed Company - Health Food for Horses

The Pure Feed Company - Health Food for Horses

The Pure Feed Company is a new feed company built upon a tried and trusted concept...that horses have evolved to eat Fibre. The team at The Pure Feed Company passionately believe that to get the best out of their horse, you must not lose sight of the fact that he is a HORSE and that an understanding of the digestive system of the horse shows us that he simply has not evolved to eat high starch or sugar diets.

The digestive system of the horse is designed to be sustained by a near constant supply of fibre. As well as increasing mastication time and minimising the risk of gastric ulcers through saliva production, such high fibre intake also helps to slow digestive transit and acts like a sponge to retain essential water and electrolytes throughout the gastrointestinal tract, whilst creating a surface which allows the digestive juices to act more efficiently on the other food which may be present.

All feeds in the Pure Feed range are based on this principle of high fibre and ultra low starch and sugar and thereby supply calm energy to the horse, helping to prevent a multitude of problems such as gastric ulcers, azoturia and excitability, which are associated with high starch and sugar diets. Pure Feeds include Profeed pre-biotic and brewers yeast for improved digestion, are free from molasses and are fully balanced with optimal levels of vitamins and minerals.

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