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Pure Fibre Balancer

Pure Feed - Pure Fibre Balancer

A no molasses, fibre based feed completely balanced with vitamins, minerals, amino acids and pre and probiotics. A super low amount of slow release energy and calories

Combining a premium quality balancer and quality chaff in one easy to feed form. Perfect for horses at rest, those in light work, laminitics, or horses carrying too much weight, Pure Fibre Balance contains no added sugar, is free from molasses and provides just 11.4 MJ of energy per day.

Formulated using Pure Feed’s very high specification vitamin and mineral balancer, Pure Fibre Balance also contains Brewers Yeast and the pre-biotic Profeed, which help to keep the large intestine’s microflora healthy and functioning at their optimum, and provides 1000 mg vitamin E per day when fed at the recommended rate.

Easy, convenient and cost effective to feed, Pure Fibre Balance eliminates the need to buy and mix separate bags of chaff and balancer and costs just £1.10 per day to feed an average 500kg horse at the recommended rate.

Estimated DE:11.4MJ/Kg
Vitamin A:40000iu/kg
Vitamin D:8000iu/kg
Vitamin E:1000mg/kg